Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2 - Food for Thought

Today's Challenge: Draw a piece of food - or multiple food stuffs - of your choosing. Apologies in advance if this topic makes you hungry.

p.s. Please use the "Labels" tab to the bottom right of your posts to categorize your drawing into its respective day. You can also use this as a way to tag your photos (see Howie's first post).


  1. Hopefully the new layout lets you discern individual posts better. Let me know if you prefer the old design, or want something different... I just chose this one because the colors sort of match the old forum. :)

  2. how the fuck do you add your drawing :[

  3. lol, check the top left corner and hit 'new post'. what do you think about having more posts per page mark?

  4. Reza, I have it set currently to show all posts for that day; the board essentially 'resets' every morning to coincide with the new topic.

    But you make a point; it looks as if no one has posted. We'll try a ten-post setup.