Thursday, June 2, 2011

02 - sushi bidness

accidentally deleted my post, woopz

Crista - Day 1

Monkokio - Day 2

One of today's sketchbook pages: Wieners & Milk

Dudley, Day 2

Howie - Day 2

klamp - day 2

I love cupcakes. Probably more than should be legally allowed.

Matt Day 1

Nail - day 1

Day 1 sketch of my thumb...

spillkaida- day 1

Monkokio - Day 1

I didn't get to my sketchbook yesterday, but I have this little doodle from the side of some of my notes. (captured with my crappy cellphone camera).
...How embarrassing

01 - yo yo slow bro


Day 2 - Food for Thought

Today's Challenge: Draw a piece of food - or multiple food stuffs - of your choosing. Apologies in advance if this topic makes you hungry.

p.s. Please use the "Labels" tab to the bottom right of your posts to categorize your drawing into its respective day. You can also use this as a way to tag your photos (see Howie's first post).